RV Parks with WiFi

Del Norte County

  • Crescent City/Redwoods KOA Holiday
  • Has WiFi
  • Price?
  • Redwood Meadows RV Resort
  • $45-$63/night?
  • Poor cell reception?
  • WiFi + Cable
  • Laundry

Humboldt County

Siskiyou County

Trinity County

Shasta County

  • Mount Shasta City KOA Holiday – Mount Shasta City
  • Has WiFi
  • $45-$54/night

Lassen County

Plumas County

Butte County

Yuba County

Sierra County

Tehama County

Modoc County

Nevada County

Placer County

Lake County

Mendocino County

Sonoma County

El Dorado County

Amador County

Calaveras County

Alpine County

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Inyo County

Bear Lakes – Siskiyou Wilderness

Bear Lakes are a moderate 3.15 miles to Bear Lake from the Elbow Springs Trailhead in Siskiyou Wilderness. The primary lake lies at an elevation of 4,850 feet with a small pond above it, while the harder-to-reach Lower Bear Lake is a steep cross-country scramble drop to 4,300 feet. The Bear Lake Trail doesn’t appear to have a number or official name, but is located off the Kelsey Creek National Recreation Trail #4204 near Clear Creek on Highway 96 in Northern California.

Oregonnator.com appears to have a recent photo of the burn and lakes, and a good description of Bear Lakes and vicinity:

USFS – Siskiyou Wilderness

Bear Lakes – Zach’s Adventures Article

Bear Lakes – Oregonnator Blog Post

  • 2.85 miles one-way, 1.5 hours hiking time

Redwood Trail Runs

  1. Patrick’s Point
  2. Lost Man Creek
  3. Davison Trail
  4. Trillium Falls
  5. Foothill Trail
  6. Brown Creek Trail
  7. Horse Creek – Ten Taypo Trail
  8. Coastal Drive
  9. West Ridge Trail
  10. Prairie Creek Trail
  11. James Irvine Trail
  12. Miners Ridge Trail
  13. Requa-Hidden Beach – Coast Trail
  14. Tall Trees Grove
  15. Redwood Creek
  16. Skunk Cabbage
  17. Rhododendron Trail
  18. Flint Ridge Trai

English Peak – Marble Mountain Wilderness

  • Recommended Route: North Fork Trail from Mulebridge Campground, up the North Fork of the Salmon River.
    • Trail is recommended for mid to late summer due to high flows at creek crossings.
    • The Garden Gulch and Little North Fork Trails are not recommended.
  • Season: June – October
  • Moderate to Difficult Trail
  • Camping: Idlewild or Mulebridge Campgrounds on North Fork Salmon River

From the Mulebridge Trailhead going up the North Fork Salmon River:

  • 13 miles to Hancock Lake
  • @ 6 miles in, Right Hand Fork trail
  • @ 8.5 miles in, Lake of the Island Trail
    • 2 miles OW to Lake of the Island, river crossing, 4,200 feet elevation
    • Lake of The Island: 13 acres, 25 feet deep, 5,600 feet elevation, brook and rainbow trout
  • @ 10.5 miles, Abbott Lake Trail, 2 river crossings past Lake of the Island Trail
    • 1 mile OW climb to lake, river crossing, 4,800 feet elevation
    • Abbott Lake: 8 acres, 20 feet deep, 5,700 feet elevation, brook trout
  • @ 10.5 miles Big Meadows/Big Gulch Trail to Wild Lake, Lake Ethel, Lake Katherine, Horse Range Lake, Wooley Creek
  • @ 13.5 miles – Horse Range Lake (+3 steep miles from Abbott Cabin)
  • @ 14.5 miles – Wild Lake (+4 steep miles)
  • Exiting Wooley Creek Trail #5832 = 19 miles from junction with Big Meadows Trail from Wild Lake, to the Wooley Creek Trailhead
  • Exiting Marble Rim
    • Big Elk Lake is 7.3 miles from Lover’s Camp Trailhead
  • Exiting Garden Gulch or Little North Fork Trail – not recommended