Marble Mountain PCT

  • Marble Mountain Wilderness
  • Marble Mountain PCT Adventure
  • Seiad Valley Trailhead to Etna Summit Trailhead = 55.8 miles
    • Seiad Valley Trailhead to Grider Creek Campground @ 6.5 miles
    • Grider Creek Trail at Road 46N72 @ 14.1 miles
    • Buckhorn Spring @ 20.8 miles
    • Bear Lake – Turk Lake Trails @ 24.8 miles
    • Paradise Lake @ 26.4 miles
    • Marble Valley Guard Station / Canyon Creek Trail @ 31.7 miles
    • Red Rock Valley Trail / Cold Spring Trail @ 35.0 miles
    • Older PCT route to Kidder Lake Trail @ 40.2 miles
    • Shelly Fork Trail / Shelly Meadows Trail @ 44.6 miles
    • Etna Summit @ 55.8 miles

Mt Eddy PCT

  • Scott Mountain Summit to Trinity Divide = 37.3 miles
    • Masterson Meadow Saddle @ 4.4 miles
    • Bull Lake Saddle @ 12.3 miles
    • Parks Creek Road 42N17 @ 20.7 miles
    • Upper Deadfall Lake @ 24 miles
    • Porcupine Lake spur trail @ 29.4 miles
    • Road 40N30 @ 35 miles
    • Trinity Divide @ 37.3 miles

Mt Eddy PCT Highlights

  • Parks Creek Trailhead to Seven Lakes Basin Spur Trail = 16.5 milesParks Creek Trailhead to PCT/Parks Creek Junction @ 2.8 miles – 6,860 ft
      • Note: Lower Deadfall Spur Trail to PCT junction = 1.5 miles
    • PCT/Parks Creek Junction to Upper Deadfall Lake @ 3.0 miles – 7,220 ft
    • Sisson Trail 6W06 saddle @ 5.2 miles – 7,410 ft
    • Toad Lake Trail @ 8 miles – 7,310 ft
    • Porcupine Spur Trail @ 8.3 miles – 7,160 ft
      • Porcupine Lake = 0.2 miles
    • Gumboot Trail @ 13.7 miles – 6,510 ft
      • Gumboot Lake = 0.7 miles
    • Upper Seven Lakes Basin Spur Trail @ 15.9 miles
      • Seven Lakes Basin Spur Trail 6W12 to Laken Helen = 0.6 miles

Bear Lakes – Siskiyou Wilderness

Bear Lakes are a moderate 3.15 miles to Bear Lake from the Elbow Springs Trailhead in Siskiyou Wilderness. The primary lake lies at an elevation of 4,850 feet with a small pond above it, while the harder-to-reach Lower Bear Lake is a steep cross-country scramble drop to 4,300 feet. The Bear Lake Trail doesn’t appear to have a number or official name, but is located off the Kelsey Creek National Recreation Trail #4204 near Clear Creek on Highway 96 in Northern California. appears to have a recent photo of the burn and lakes, and a good description of Bear Lakes and vicinity:

USFS – Siskiyou Wilderness

Bear Lakes – Zach’s Adventures Article

Bear Lakes – Oregonnator Blog Post

  • 2.85 miles one-way, 1.5 hours hiking time

Alpine, Smith and Morris Lakes

Alpine & Smith Lakes – Trinity Alps Wilderness

  • Distance = ~22 miles
    • Stuart Fork Trailhead to Alpine Lake = 8 miles one-way
    • Stuart Fork Trailhead to Smith Lake – 10 miles one-way
    • Stuart Fork Trailhead to Alpine Lake = 17.4 miles roundtrip
    • Alpine Lake to Smith Lake = 4 miles roundtrip
    • Smith Lake to Morris Lake = ? miles roundtrip
  • Season: Mid July – Late September
  • Recommended Route: Stuart Fork Trailhead to?
  • Difficult Trail – Steep Climb
  • Stuart Fork Trailhead
    • Highway 3, Stuart Fork Arm of Trinity Lake
    • 3.5 miles to Stuart Fork Trailhead
    • Bridge Campground nearby
  • Cross Stuart Fork @ 5 miles in from Stuart Fork Trailhead – Dangerous in high water or after rain
  • 2,600 foot climb from Oak Flat to Alpine Lake over 2.5 miles = 4 hours
    • Last 2 miles are steep and exposed
    • Water at 1.75 miles from Oak Flat where trail meets outlet
  • Alpine Lake (14 acres) – Brook Trout
    • 3 campsites at lower end of Alpine Lake
    • Fishing is better in Stuart Fork than Alpine Lake
  • Trail to Smith & Morris Lakes – 2 miles
    • Easier to day-hike due to steep terrain and bushwhacking
      • 1/2 day for 2 miles with backpacking bag
    • Trinity Alps Photo Blog – Smith and Morris Lakes
    • Avoid during lightening storm
    • Smith Lake @ 6,950 feet (24 acres) – Rainbow and Brook Trout
      • Camping on eat shore, north of outlet crossing
        • Camping better up at Morris
    • Morris Lake (? acres) – ? miles
      • Camping on west shore near inlet
  • There is an alternative route to Smith & Morris from Canyon Creek Trail or Morris Meadows

Graph of Climb from Oak Flat to Alpine Lake – from Jan’s Jaunts Blog

Graph of Climb from Alpine Lake to Smith Lake- from Jan’s Jaunts Blog



Trinity Alps PCT

  • Total Trinity Alps – Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) miles = 18.9 miles
    • Hike west to east to avoid northbound PCT travelers
  • From Carter Meadows Summit (6,180 ft) heading east:
    • 1.4 miles @ South Fork Lakes junction
    • 6.1 miles @ Fox Creek Lake junction
    • 9.0 miles @ Telephone Lake junction
    • 9.5 miles @ Middle Boulder Lake junction
    • 12.0 miles @ East Boulder Lake junction
    • 18.9 miles @ Scott Mountain Summit trailhead (5,410 feet)

Caribou Lakes – Trinity Alps

Caribou Basin 3-5 nights


Crossing South Fork Salmon River at start of Caribou Lakes Trail (fill up on water)


Crossing South Fork Salmon River at start of Caribou Lakes Trail (fill up on water)


View of the South Fork Salmon River drainage from Caribou Lakes Trail


View of the Caribou Basin from Caribou Lakes Trail


Descending into Snowslide Lake on Caribou Lake Trail


Snowslide and Lower Caribou Lake from Caribou Lakes Trail (smoke from wildfire)


Snowslide Lake


Snowslide Lake and headwall


Snowslide Lake


Camping at Snowslide Lake


Camping at Snowslide Lake


View of Lower Caribou Lake from trail to Upper Caribou Lake


View of Lower and Middle Caribou Lakes from trail to Upper Caribou Lake


Trail to Upper Caribou Lake


Trail to Upper Caribou Lake


Trail to Upper Caribou Lake


Pond near Upper Caribou Lake


Upper Caribou Lake looking toward Caribou Scramble


Upper Caribou Lake


Upper Caribou Lake


Campsite at Upper Caribou Lake


Trail around Upper Caribou Lake


Upper Caribou Lake looking toward outlet


Upper Caribou Lake looking toward outlet



Meadows near trail to Caribou Scramble


Upper Caribou Lake sunset


Camping at Upper Caribou Lake


Lower Caribou Lake


Lower Caribou Lake


Granite slab on Lower Caribou Lake


Lower Caribou Lake


Sunset hammock on Lower Caribou Lake


Sunset hammock on Lower Caribou Lake


Hiking out of Caribou Basin


Hiking out of Caribou Basin looking toward Cesear Peak


Hiking out of Caribou Basin


Brown’s Meadows Creek


Brown’s Meadows


Camping at Brown’s Meadows


Brown’s Meadows


Campsite at Brown’s Meadows


Hiking out on the New Caribou Trail looking toward Coffee Creek drainage