Marbles Big Loop

  1. Wooley Creek and Bridge Creek to Cuddihy Lakes
  2. Cuddihy/Deadman/Pleasant Lakes
  3. Ukonom/Independence/Synder/Ticknor Lakes
  4. Burney/Spirit/Tom’s/Rainy/Big Elk Lakes to Shadow Lake
  5. Maneaten and Shelly Lakes
  6. Grants Meadows to Wooley/Heather/Blueberry/Milne/Kleaver Lakes
  7. Wild/Katherine/Ethel Lakes
  8. English/Hancock/Diamond Lakes
  9. Chimney Rock Area to Portuguese Peak

Start at Wooley Creek Trailhead, end at Portuguese Peak Trailhead, walk back to car

Trinity Alps Big Loop

Starting and ending at Big Flat Trailhead

  1. Little Caribou Lake
  2. Upper Caribou/Lower Caribou/Snowslide Lakes
  3. Caribou Scramble to Emerald/Sapphire/Mirror Lakes
  4. Morris Meadows to Deer Creek
  5. Four Lakes Loop
  6. Lake Anna/Billy-be-Damn/Echo Lakes
  7. Tri-Forest Trail

Add on a few days:

  1. Tri-Forest to Kidd Creek VS Bear Creek to Swift Creek
  2. Ward/Horseshoe/Salmon Lakes
  3. Landers Lake
  4. Union Lake or Foster/Lion/Conway Lakes