Coastal Trail

  1. California Coastal Trail
  2. Hiking the Coastal Trail book by Rob Lorentzen and Richard Nichols
  3. Coastal Trail in Del Norte County
    1. Last Chance Section = 13 miles
    2. DeMartin Section = 12.6 miles
    3. Hidden Beach Section = 7.8 miles
  4. Coastal Trail in Humboldt County
    1. Gold Bluffs Beach Section
    2. Skunk Cabbage Section = 7.6 miles
    3. Redwood Creek Section
    4. Stone Lagoon Section
    5. Big Lagoon Section
    6. Patrick’s Point Section
    7. Stagecoach Road Section
    8. Little River and Clam Beach Section
    9. Hammond Trail
    10. Mad River Beach
    11. Lanphere Dunes
    12. Manila Dunes
    13. Samoa Dunes
    14. Bay Route
    15. Table Bluff Section
    16. Centerville Beach
    17. Mattole Road
    18. Lost Coast Trail
  5. Coastal Trail in Mendocino County
    1. Sinkyone Trail

Mendocino State Parks

Mendocino State Parks

  1. Admiral Standley State Recreation Area
  2. Caspar Headlands State Beach
  3. Caspar Headlands State Natural Reserve
  4. Greenwood State Beach
  5. Hendy Woods State Park
  6. Jackson State Forest
  7. Jug Handle State Reserve
  8. MacKerricher State Park
  9. Malliard Redwoods State Natural Reserve
  10. Manchester State Beach
  11. Mendocino Headlands State Park
  12. Mendocino Woodlands State Park
  13. Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve
  14. Navarro River Redwoods State Park
  15. Point Cabrillo Light State Historic Park
  16. Reynolds Wayside Campground
  17. Russian Gulch State Park
  18. Schooner Gulch State Beach
  19. Sinkyone Wilderness State Park
  20. Smithe Redwoods State Reserve
  21. Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area
  22. Van Damme State Park
  23. Westport-Union Landing State Beach

Lost Coast

The Lost Coast is a rugged coastal wilderness that feels like an escape to another world. As the longest undeveloped coastal region in the contiguous US, you can hike along the ocean for days.