Weeklong Hiking Adventures


  1. Marble Rim & English Peak – Marble Mountain Wilderness
  1. Wooley Creek Trail – Marble Mountain Wilderness
  1. Marble Mountain Circuit
  1. Marble Mountain PCT


  1. Northern Russian Wilderness Loop
  2. PCT Russian Wilderness
  3. PCT Northeast Trinity Alps Wilderness from Scott Mountain to Callahan Summit

Trinity Alps

  1. Grizzly and Papoose Lakes (Trinity Alps Wilderness)
  1. Alpine/Smith + Sapphire/Emerald/Mirror Lakes (Trinity Alps Wilderness)
  1. Stuart Fork + Deer Creek to Four Lakes Loop
  2. Trinity Alps Big Loop
  3. Trinity Alps High Route


  1. Clear Creek NRT
  2. Kelsey NRT
  3. Castle Crags PCT
  4. Cook & Green PCT

Weekend Hiking Adventures

Russian Wilderness:

Marble Mountain Wilderness:

  • Marble Rim

Siskiyou Wilderness:

  • Bear Lakes
  • Buck Lake
  • Devil’s Punchbowl

Trinity Alps Wilderness

  • Boulder Lakes
  • Canyon Creek Lakes
  • Granite Lake
  • Lake Eleanor
  • Tangle Blue Lake
  • Hidden Lake
  • South Fork Lakes
  • Fish Lakes
  • East Weaver Lake
  • East Fork Lakes
  • Stoddard and McDonald Lakes
  • Long Gulch Lake
  • Trail Gulch Lake


Yolla Bolly Wilderness

  • North Yolla Bolly Lakee
  • Black Rock Lake

Day Hiking Adventures

Trinity Alps Wilderness

  1. Lake Eleanor
  2. Stoddard Lake

Russian Wilderness

  1. Statute Lake
  2. Bingham Lake
  3. Paynes Lake & Albers Lakes
  4. Taylor & Hogan Lake

Six Rivers National Forest

  1. Fish Lake – Six Rivers
  2. Horse Ridge National Recreation Trail
  3. Lacks Creek Mountain Biking
  4. Salmon Summit
  5. Skull Camp Trail
  6. Dan East Trail
  7. Grouse Creek Tractor Way
  8. Mad River Trail

MultiDay Hiking Adventures

King Range Wilderness:

Marble Mountain Wilderness:

Russian Wilderness:

  • Northwestern Russians: Taylor, Hogan, Big Blue, Albers, Paynes Lakes Loop
  • Eastern Russians: Duck, Eaton, Horseshoe Lakes
  • Pacific Crest Trail – Russian Wilderness
  • Southern Russians: Russian, Waterdog, Siphon, Bingham Lakes

Siskiyou Wilderness:

  • Raspberry Lake and Preston Peak
  • Clear Creek National Recreation Trail and Wilderness Falls
  • South Kelsey Trail and Bear Lakes

Trinity Alps Wilderness: