Lost Coast

The Lost Coast is a rugged coastal wilderness that feels like an escape to another world. As the longest undeveloped coastal region in the contiguous US, you can hike along the ocean for days.



Kidder Creek to Shelly Fork

  • 60 miles of isolated trekking exploring most of the Marble Mountains
  1. Kidder Creek Trail #5545
  2. Pacific Crest Trail to Four Corners near Marble Rim
  3. Kelsey National Recreation Trail to Cuddihy Lakes
  4. Bridge Creek Trail #5816 south to Wooley Creek Trail #5832 heading northeast
  5. Big Meadows Trail #5411 south to North Fork Trail #5405 east
  6. Right Hand Fork Trail #5401 east to Shelly Fork Trail #5527
  7. End at Shelley Fork Trailhead