English Peak – Marble Mountains

North Fork Trail from Mulebridge Campground, up the North Fork of the Salmon River. The Garden Gulch and Little North Fork Trails are not recommended. Trail is recommended for mid to late summer due to high flows at creek crossings.

To reach Wild Lake directly is 14.5 miles from the Mulebridge Trailhead, not including side visits to Lake Ethel and Lake Katherine:

  • @5.5 miles – Right Hand Fork Trail
  • @8.5 miles – Lake of the Island Trail (+3 miles)
  • @10 miles – Abbott Cabin
  • @10.5 miles – Big Meadows/Big Gulch Trail above Abbott’s Ranch (+2 steep miles)
  • @ 14.5 miles – Wild Lake (+4 steep miles)
  • @ 13.5 miles – Horse Range Lake (+3 steep miles from Abbott Cabin)

English peak

From the Mulebridge Trailhead going up the North Fork Salmon River,

  • 13 miles to Hancock Lake
  • @ 8.5 miles in, Lake of the Island Trail = 2 miles each way to lake, river crossing
    • 13 acres, 25 feet deep, 5,600 feet elevation, brook and rainbow trout
  • @ 10.5 miles, Abbott Lake Trail = 1 mile each way climb to lake, river crossing
    • 8 acres, 20 feet deep, 5700 feet elevation, brook trout
  • @ 10.5 miles Big Meadows/Big Gulch Trail to Wild Lake = 4 miles to Wild Lake
  • @ 14.5 miles Wild Lake


  • Exiting Wooley Creek Trail #5832 = 19 miles from junction with Big Meadows Trail from Wild Lake, to the Wooley Creek Trailhead
  • Exiting Marble Rim
    • Big Elk Lake is 7.3 miles from Lover’s Camp Trailhead
  • Exiting Garden Gulch or Little North Fork Trail – not recommended



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