Russian Wilderness Weeklong Trip

Starts at Deacon Lee Trailhead, ends at Etna Summit, captures highlights of Pacific Crest Trail in Russian Wilderness. Possibly not clear of snow until late June/July.

7-Day Trip

  1. Russian Lake @ 4 miles from Deacon Lee Trailhead
  2. Russian Lake  – Crosscountry day hike to lakes
    1. Waterdog Lake @ 0.5 miles from Russian Lake
    2. Lower Russian Lake – No trail
    3. Upper Russian Lake – No trail
    4. Golden Russian Lake – No trail
  3. Bingham Lake @ 3 miles from Russian Lake
    1. Siphon Lake @ 1 mile from Russian Lake
    2. Pacific Crest Trail @ 0.5 mile from Siphon Lake
    3. Bingham Lake outlet @1.5 miles from PCT Intersection with Siphon Lake
  4. Upper Albers Lake @ 0.5 miles from Paynes LakePacific Crest Trail
    1. Statue Lake (3.3 miles from Statue Lake to Paynes Lake via PCT)
    2. Paynes Lake @ 8.5 miles from PCT junction
    3. Big Blue Lake day hike
  5. Smith Lake @ ? miles from Paynes Lake
    1. Meeks Meadow Lake
    2. Ruffey Lakes
  6. End at parking area on Etna Summit 

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