High & Sugar Lakes

  • Forest Service Road 41N14, turn left and go 3 miles for Sugar Creek Trail
  • Faint trail to Sugar Lake, not well-marked, recreation is not promoted to protect the botanical diversty of the area
  • 4+ miles from Sugar Creek Trailhead to High Lake, no trail from Sugar Lake
  • Second highest lake in Russian Wilderness after Josephine Lake
  • Brown and rainbow trout

From the Sugar Creek Trailhead:

  • @ 1.5 miles, turn off to South Sugar Lake Trail = 1.5 miles to South Sugar Lake
  • @ 3 miles to Sugar Lake (4800-5900 feet)
    • 2.5 acres, 6 feet deep, 5900 feet elevation, rainbow trout
  • @ 1+ miles from Sugar Lake, follow inlet creek northwest to ridge between Sugar and Little Duck Lakes, the contour south for 1.8 mile



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