Hyampom – Trinity County



Beautiful, remote Hyampom on the undammed South Fork Trinity River… A small town with a general store located in an isolated valley known for its vineyards and other horticultural endeavors. Free camping can be found at Big Slide Campground and Slide Creek Campground, but don’t expect much for the price. River access is available, including Little Rock Picnic Area, however the camping areas are not located at great swim spots. This is a good base camp, but beware of poison oak. Class III rapids make for fun winter and spring intermediate boating adventures.

The weather in Hyampom tends to be hotter than the surrounding area, and can make for a great swim spot on a day that would be too cold otherwise. Driving from Arcata is about a 2.5 hour drive via Highway 299, turning south at Burnt Ranch on to scenic Road 60 to Hyampom. Getting in or out of Hyampom another way is quite an adventure. Any backroad route connecting Forest Service Road 1 on South Fork Mountain (northern Backcountry Discovery Trail) to Hyampom is 4-wheel drive recommended, signage may not always be present, and that area sees little traffic. Driving southeast from Hyampom toward Highway 3 on Hyampom Road will take about 45 minutes, or take a serious adventure south on Indian Valley Road (FS Road 10) to reach Highway 36 near Forest Glen. The Indian Valley area is known for horseback riding, mountain biking, ATV and motorcycle riding, as well as cross-country skiing the winter.

South Fork Trail 5E23 – This lightly used trail follows the South Fork Trinity River for approximately 7.5 miles. This trail is far above the river, do not expect river access unless you make it to near the end of the trail, and do expect a lot of poison oak. Hell’s Half Acre is famous for its early spring wildflower shows, and very remote setting. There is a spot just south of Hell’s Half Acre that can be daunting or impassible for some, and depending on slide conditions. Camping may exist on the South Fork Trinity River when the trail crosses from the west side to the east side of the river.

MuleBridge – Restored historic hanging mule bridge is in a beautiful and remote spot with great swimming.

Wintoon Flat Trail 7E40 – Southern end of Hyampom on County Road 311, 3.5 miles of trail with some opportunities to find isolated swim spots.

Lower South Fork (North Side) Trail 6E23.2


Looking toward Trinity Alps Wilderness on Road 60 to Hyampom


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